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Inga Verbeeck

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Inga Verbeeck
Entrepreneur & Matchmaker

Inga Verbeeck
Entrepreneur & Matchmaker


Inga Verbeeck has built a successful career as an active entrepreneur and consultant. Over the past twenty years Inga has had the opportunity to build a global network of renowned entrepreneurs, creative minds and artists alike. With a financial education as a backbone she brings with her an arduous track record in strong commercial growth, coupled with a passion for results for her clients and a warmth of character that makes her perfectly suited to the elite matchmaking industry. Inga currently runs her own personal consulting & matchmaking agency. She mentors and guides remarkable singletons across the globe in achieving their personal goals.

Before venturing into the world of matchmaking – both on a business level as on a personal level – Inga found herself at the helm of a leading international steel trading company. There she developed through the ranks and became CEO at the age of only 29. It was in the steel industry that Inga developed the extensive financial, human resources and business skills. Inga’s commercial acumen together with a charismatic and fervent personality, have helped her to establish a formidable reputation as a young and dynamic entrepreneur, with a wide global network of contacts at the highest level of global business and across a wide variety of industries, from the entertainment world to the financial world. Her business backbone combined with a some entrepreneurial DNA, as well as a few unplanned events and obstacles led her to now run Ivy Relations.

After competing internationally at an early age in figure ice-skating, Inga developed her early career as a yachting journalist and photographer, allowing her to report from around the world and fueling her passion for travel. An avid skier, diver and adventurer, Inga has a 14-year old son Ryan at the center of her existence as well as a love for animals and the outdoors to balance a fast-paced life and profession.


Ivy Creations offers consulting services from executive coaching to branding to organizing events. We guide and mentor entrepreneurs to find more balance in life, set priorities. As an entrepreneur your brand, and your image are often essential to your business. With an holistic approach we help you revise your colors and their content. Beyond advising branding and image the entrepreneur is the catalyst of their business. It is an important asset which is often cared for too little. Burn-outs, heart-attacks and other obstacles are greatly to be avoided. Making things work for you is an essential path to balancing professional and personal goals, responsibilities - and your time.

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Ivy Relations Ivy Relations is the expert boutique relationship agency for leading professionals and eligible singletons across the globe.
We hunt heads, engender introductions, make matches, create opportunities and most of all, manage relationships.
We lead our clients towards achieving their personal goals, and living happy lives.
Valuing time, Ivy designs each individual program in order to realize the unique objectives of the client.
With a unique and innovative modus operandi, the team at Ivy Relations is simply passionate about making an everlasting impact for Ivy clients.

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Beyond traditional matchmaking, and making use of today's digital tool-set Ivy goes beyond for its VIP clients who see the world full of opportunities. Whilst classically Ivy works within the safe and secure boundaries of her own clientele and network, Ivy now has a unique skill- and tool-set allowing to scout for potential matches beyond it borders and without limits, yet incorporated with its personal and profound modus operandi. If you happen to be looking for love, love might just be looking for you!

Over the past few years many successful campaign projects have been executed. Contact Ivy - or Inga - for more information!

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  • 1978

    Born a Saggitarius

    I appreciate an outspoken personality and respect individuality. I believe it is okay to be, to act and present yourself as you really are and feel. More importantly, such it is with all things in life. “Age quod agis.” ; or as E.E. Cummings said it : “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

  • 1984

    Ice Skating

    During childhood sports were a driving factor. At the age of 6 I fell in love with figure skating, a passion that lead me to training and competing intensely for the next decade.

  • 1992


    From early on I took on the role of an entrepreneur. From being the president of the student council to organising events and competing in the national Young Entrepreneur competition, I always initiated to be leading, active and learning.

  • 1996


    I have a weakness for adventure, have an urge to travel frequently and I love to ski. Very few moments in life can compete with standing on a mountain top and taking a deep breath before gliding down that magical, crisp and snowy hill side.

  • 1997

    World Travels

    While on holiday in South-Africa as an eighteen-year old exploring the quays of beautiful Cape Town a great adventure began. I set out to travel the globe with contracts for coverage of the Whitbread Round the World (Yachting) Race. Experiencing different cultures and learning the ways of the world, I traveled for over a year as a freelance journalist before returning home to Antwerp. Writing and photographing has remained a part of my life and work ever since.

  • 1998

    Steel Business

    At the age of nineteen I commenced my work at the family business. My parents had founded their steel company in 1966 which was a unique learning and opportunity platform for which I will always be grateful. Whilst studying in evening school I learnt the tricks of the trade and developed an extensive understanding of business in the fast-paced and international environment where the family company was active.

  • 2005


    I am proud to be a woman and honoured to be a mother – and without a doubt my son is the one thing that supersedes all. Now an avid golf player with big dreams at the age of 14 – he is my little hero.

  • 2010

    New Era

    Over a thirteen-year span at the family business I evolved from administration and logistics to finance, on to business development and project management to become the CFO in 2002. In 2008 the board appointed me as CEO to sail the company through its most difficult of years which resulted in a restructuring deal with a large US private investment firm. I have had the opportunity through the years to work with – and learn from - a great amount of top experts in a variety of fields, as well as build an extensive international business network.

  • 2012


    During my career I have found one of my greatest gratifications to be to inspire others. Through being a corporate consultant and matchmaker I now set out to use my knowledge, expertise and experience – good and certainly bad - to the benefit of other professionals. With a holistic philosophy I strive to add value to the lives of my clients.

  • 2020

    Love in and beyond difficult times

    Over the years I've faced many obstacles, as I believe most entrepreneurs do: from the usual difficulties that come with growth, learning and trial & error to uncommon and disastrous ones such as fraud investors, blackmail and bad-mouthing. Ups, and deep lows. The one thing that always pulled me through were integer supporters, several of them (ex) clients. These strangest of times due to Covid-19 are a most challenging event affecting us all in one way or another. I am grateful that the one good thing might be that kindness now regains some strength in this world, and love is appreciated and wanted more consciously and profoundly!

“When nothing is sure,
everything is possible.”

Margaret Drabble


Friday Magazine 09/02/2018

This cupid can help you find love for Dh68,000

For two years, Carmen Strofer has been playing cupid to hundreds of extremely successful people from across the world while working with Ivy International, a UK-based matchmaking company that has offices across Europe, the US, and in Dubai. What has been her takeaway? Opposites most often don’t attract and you know a relationship will work within the first 30 seconds of meeting a person.

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Ivy International — An Exclusive Dating & Matchmaking Agency Empowering Successful Single Professionals to Find the Perfect Partner

When Matchmaker Inga Verbeeck founded Ivy International, she was clear about her driving philosophy: to stay true to her belief in what she calls “trickle-down-lov-o-nomics” as a means of contributing to a happier world. Inga told us when successful, influential people find fulfilment in their relationships it trickles into every aspect of their lives and into the lives of those around them. And her roster of clients worth millions of dollars and 16 offices around the globe are proof her personalized, psychology-based approach to matchmaking works. At Ivy International, Inga and her team are helping the world’s high-net-worth singles connect with partners who share their lifestyles and aspirations.

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Spear's 03/10/2017

Liquid Lunch

Alec Marsh lunches with Inga Verbeeck, the real-life millionaire and billionaire matchmaker boss of Ivy Relations.

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Made in Antwerpen 15/11/2017

Ivy International Uit Kapellen Lanceert Europese Matchmakingcampagne

Kapellen – Ivy International lanceert in Europa de publieke campagne ‘Search for Venus’ waarmee het matchmakingbureau op zoek gaat naar de perfecte match voor één van haar uitzonderlijke klanten uit het Midden-Oosten. Op 25 en 26 november kunnen geïnteresseerden in het Hard Rock Café in Antwerpen kennismaken met het team van Ivy International.

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ProChlapy 06/11/2017

Moderní trendy v dohazování. Milionář hledá svou Venuši přes světovou seznamku. Proč?

Zdá se vám trochu zvláštní hledat si jako milionář ženskou přes seznamku? Tak zadržte. Jeden takový chlap se našel. Aktuálně hledá novodobou Venuši. Představuje si ženu s kvalitami a vlastnostmi římské bohyně smyslnosti, krásy a lásky. Nezávislou a chytrou ženu, která nemusí splňovat dnešní přísně štíhlý ideál, ale stojí nohama pevně na zemi. A hledá ji v rámci Evropy, tedy i u nás. Udělali jsme rozhovor s majitelkou seznamky, která dostala tohle sousto na starosti, a zjišťovali pikantnosti a jaké jsou trendy v oboru dohazování.

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Gandul 26/10/2017

Un tânăr din Orientul Mijlociu îşi caută jumătatea în România. Campania inedită pusă la cale de bărbat

Un bărbat de 30 de ani, chipeş, cu puternice valori de familie, după cum se autocaracterizează, născut şi crescut în Orientul Mijlociu, dar educat în Statele Unite ale Americii, a pus la cale o adevărată campanie pentru a-şi găsi jumătatea.

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Un tânăr din Orientul Mijlociu se află „În căutarea lui Venus”. Bărbatul de 30 de ani îşi caută jumătatea în România

Un tânăr din Orientul Mijlociu se află „În căutarea lui Venus”. Bărbatul de 30 de ani îşi caută jumătatea în România

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Newzilla 19/10/2017

Dragostea, în… campanie! Un tânăr din Orientul Mijlociu își caută jumătatea în România printr-o campanie inedită de PR

“În căutarea lui Venus” are ca scop găsirea unei femei independente, rubensiene, inteligente

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Inspirational Birmingham 20/07/2017

High-Profile Cupid With a Price Tag to Match at Ivy International

Inga Verbeek has embarked on a mission to offer a solution for the biggest problem facing successful singles; finding their soulmate, without sifting through hundreds of profiles or battling the landscape of dating apps. Designed purely for society’s elite, educated and financially-independent individuals, The Ivy International offers unrivalled matchmaking services, an individualised approach and the personal touch which is needed to find ‘the one’.

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The Wall Street Journal 28/06/2017

Executives at Edgy Companies Could See New Opportunities Go Up in Smoke

A stint at a pot grower, vendor of intimacy aids or personal matchmaking service could become a résumé black mark.

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Female First UK 30/05/2017

The 5 Common Mistakes Of Modern Men When It Comes To Romance

Not all, but some modern men still struggle in the world of romance- so Inga Verbeeck tells us where they are going wrong.

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From Girl to Girl 04/05/2017

Relationship expert Inga Verbeeck must read dating tip for millennials

In today’s challenging world of dating, matchmaking has become increasingly popular among millennials and older generations. And there are even matchmaking agency readily available to help singles navigate the hostile modern dating atmosphere. A popular matchmaking agency ready to help is Ivy International, an international matchmaking agency which takes a holistic approach that is uniquely tailored to each client after getting to know them face to face. The head of Ivy International is relationship expert Inga Verbeeck, who has some pretty strong opinions about dating modern men.

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Café 14/02/2017

Kärlek på högsta nivå

Bortom Tinder och simpla dejtingsajter finns det exklusiva matchmakingsjänster som hjälper världens ekonomiska elit att hitta kärleken. Café flög till Antwerpen och kastades rakt in i societetens dejtingdjungel. Frågan är: Vill någon ha oss?

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Best Luxury Guide 13/02/2017

Top Gifts for Valentine’s Day: Make Love Happen

What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you could give? Inga Verbeeck, owner of the exclusive matchmaking agency Ivy International, sat down with us and gave us some exquisite tips for making this Valentine’s Day extra special. Because Ivy is dedicated to helping the world’s most successful people find love, Inga’s insight is invaluable. Her suggestion: give your partner more than just a gift and create memories you both will treasure for a lifetime. Find out how this love expert takes on Valentine’s Day with a bang.

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El Periodico de Catalunya 13/02/2017

Millonario busca novia

Ivy International es una agencia de citas para 'singles' "de élite". Aquí te compras tu propio cuento de hadas a partir de 15.000 euros. Hace un año que tiene oficina en Barcelona.

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Home Business Magazine 28/01/2017

Ivy International Fosters Love in the Fast Lane

Valentine’s Day is an exciting holiday to be spent with the person or people you love in your life – that is, if you have the time. Many of the most successful individuals in the world simply don’t have space in their hectic schedules to unwind with someone special. Ivy International, a global relationship management company, is changing the Valentine’s Day game for these very people.

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CEO World Magazine 27/01/2017

Un-Valentine’s Day: While celebrating love on Valentine’s Day is beautiful, it’s not always possible

Valentine’s Day can be a very romantic, memorable day for you and your loved one. However, if you’re part of the 1% of the world, you might find that you don’t have the time – or the loved one – to celebrate the holiday of love. Enter Ivy International, a service that helps the most elite members of society find and connect with other people of similar stature. Ivy helps to create romantic relationships, friendships, business partners, and more. They’ve taken Valentine’s Day and turned it on it’s head.

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Family Office Elite 26/12/2016

UHNWI Cupid: The Family Office Matchmaker

Remember Zach Efron trying to get a date on Tinder? The poor guy hardly got any “right swipes” because let’s face it, why would he even be on Tinder? Well, he was, and it proved that the dating game for the rich and famous is even harder than it is for “the regular folk.” Enter Ivy International, a fast-growing and global matchmaking agency. At the helm of the operation is Inga Verbeeck. Her relentless entrepreneurial drive and ambition have put Ivy International in a leading position in the industry, in no time.

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Home Business Magazine 25/11/2016

Interview with Inga Verbeeck: CEO of Leading Matchmaking Agency

Remember Zach Efron trying to get a date on Tinder? The poor guy hardly got any “right swipes” because, let’s face it, why would he even be on Tinder? Well, he was and it proved that the dating game for the rich and famous is even harder than it is for “the regular folk.” Enter Ivy International, a fast-growing and global matchmaking agency. At the helm of the operation is Inga Verbeeck. Her relentless entrepreneurial drive and ambition has put Ivy International in a leading position in the industry, in no time.

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Östermalms 23/12/2016

SWEET TENDER LONG LASTING LOVE – at the very core of matchmaking

“Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch. Matchmaker, matchmaker look through your book and make me a perfect match.”

After having met with the bright and elegant Inga Verbeeck, the founder and CEO of IVY International, I realize that the
song lyric from the 1963 Broadway musical “Fiddler on the Roof ” still is of essence. Many of us are in search of an intimate, committed and long lasting relationship. Yet, many of us don’t seem to be able to find nor fulfill just that. Perhaps a personalized matchmaking is the way to go?

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Filter 23/11/2016

»Skilsmässa är ännu dyrare«

Livia Taravella vill få fler svenskar att ansluta sig till Ivy International - en dejtingtjänst med en medlemsavgift på minst 150 000 kronor.

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Dorchester Collect 18/11/2016

Inga Verbeeck / Portrait

The classic sense of the term ‘matchmaker’ is obsolete as Inga Verbeeck puts into practice a new formula for finding love. Her consultancy and coaching service, Ivy International, is highly customized and firstly human, adding a touch of philosophy, psychology, and an old-fashioned sense of dignity to meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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Noun Magazine

Inga Verbeeck, l’amour 5 étoiles…

Vous êtes une éternelle romantique? Fleur bleue vous rêvez de blanc? Pour vous, une belle histoire se termine de toute évidence par Ils se marièrent, eurent beaucoup d’enfants et vécurent heureux jusqu’à la fin de leur vie? Sauf que le prince charmant (ou la princesse, pour ces messieurs…) n’a toujours pas pointé son nez, perdu votre adresse ou trouvé celle de votre voisin(e), moche de surcroît… Vous vous dites que la vie est injuste et que toutes ces applis qui promettent rencontres et bonheur à la clé ne sont que pures pertes de temps et votre temps à vous est précieux. Mais pas que. Vous êtes précieuse. Parce que vous êtes très probablement femme et Libanaise si vous lisez ce papier. Et si vous êtes femme et Libanaise, alors vous êtes forcément très exigeante. C’est presqu’un euphémisme. Dans ce cas, et seulement dans ce cas, Noun a quelque chose pour vous. Ou plutôt quelqu’un…

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Singles Site NL August 28th, 2016

Jongeren kloppen steeds vaker aan bij matchmaking agentschappen

Exclusief matchmaking agentschap Ivy International introduceert in de Benelux een nieuwe formule die specifiek gericht is op 21 – 28 jarigen. Twintigers met een hoge opleiding kloppen steeds vaker aan bij matchmaking agentschappen. Een pakket diensten dat goedkoper geprijsd is dan het reguliere aanbod en de jonge mannen en vrouwen coaching op maat van hun specifieke behoeften biedt, is het antwoord van Ivy International op die vraag.

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Euro Latin News July 31st, 2016


PARIS (EUROLATINNEWS)- ¿Afortunado en los negocios y desgraciado en amores? Probablemente ya no exista este drama en quienes sufren de una angustiosa soledad sentimental, a pesar de su dinero. El negocio del siglo XXI es el “matchmaking dating” para ricos. Una emprendedora nos cuenta acerca de su fructífera compañía de cupido de alto standing.

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Exclusieve matchmaker IVY bemiddelt nu ook voor single 20′ers (die de lat hoog leggen)

Het exclusieve matchmaking agentschap Ivy International, dat bemiddelt voor rijke vrijgezellen, introduceert in de Benelux een nieuwe formule die specifiek gericht is op de nog jonge markt: die van de 21 – 28 jarigen. Hoogopgeleide 20′ers kloppen namelijk steeds vaker aan bij matchmaking agentschappen.

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VSD August 18th, 2016


À Paris, à partir de 15  000 euros, l’agence matri­mo­niale Ivy Inter­na­tio­nal propose aux riches céli­ba­taires de trou­ver l’amour. Nous avons suivi James*, un banquier anglais, à son rendez-vous.

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Madame Monaco July 2016

Inga Verbeeck – Sense and Sensibility

At only 36 with an impressive CV to her name, Inga Verbeeck is a charming match-maker, constantly between two flights…

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KCW Today June 14th, 2016

Steelin' Hearts with Inga Verbeeck

International Luxury Matchmaking is anything but a fool’s sport. With clients willing to spend upwards of €250,000 to find their significant other, it takes nerves of steel to embroil one’s self in the middle of the relationships of the rich and famous.

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Madame Le Figaro May 11th. 2016

Entrepreneuse de luxe, Inga vous cherche un mari pour 50.000 €

Pour un billet d’entrée à plusieurs milliers euros, Inga Verbeeck et son équipe de cupidons garantissent de tout faire pour trouver le nec plus ultra de l’homme idéal. Interview.

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morgenweb May 11th, 2016

Elitäres Liebesglück

PARIS. Stellen Sie sich vor: Sie sind Single, ziemlich betucht und wollen dem Alleinsein mit der Hilfe von Profis ein Ende setzen. Also nutzen Sie einen personalisierten Liebes-Such-Dienst, der erst in intensiven Gesprächen Ihre Bedürfnisse herausfindet, um dann den perfekten Partner auszuwählen. Das erste Rendez-vous in einem gehobenen Restaurant steht an. Man führt Sie zum Tisch und dort wartet, ein wenig nervös, eine Traumfrau vom Typ Vanessa Paradis. Oder der lange ersehnte Liebesritter vom Schlage eines Alain Delon. Oder ein anderer Star, der alleine lebt, sich nicht durch herkömmliche Single-Börsen klicken will - und sich den Service von "Ivy International" leisten kann.

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Südkurier May 12th, 2016

Luxus-Datingenagentur vermittelt in Paris Promis

Für 15 000 Euro können Kunden bei einer französischen Agentur Promis daten. Wer die Berühmtheiten sind, bleibt geheim

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Cameroon Daily News January 9th, 2016

5 conseils pour rencontrer l'amour en 2016

On l’attend, la perle rare. Venue tout droit du ciel, on l’espère un beau matin dans notre canapé (ou en train de passer l’aspirateur, on a souvent l’espoir utile). Sauf que les perles rares ne tombent pas – vraiment – du ciel. Voici 5 précieux conseils de la part d'Inga Verbeeck, matchmakeuse chez Ivy International, agence matrimoniale, pour rencontrer l’âme sœur en 2016.

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Mannschaft May 2016

Im Auftrage Amors

Für eine Einstiegsgebühr von 15 000 Euro verkuppelt die Partnervermittlungsagentur «Ivy International» Wohlhabende auf der Suche nach Liebe. Im Interview mit der Mannschaft erklärt Gründerin und CEO Inga Verbeeck, warum sie diese stolze Summe verlangt – und warum auch Menschen mit kleinerem Portemonnaie zu ihren Kunden gehören.

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sudinfo March 2nd, 2016

Trouvez l'amour pour 10.000 euros!

Vous avez de l’argent et vous êtes toujours à la recherche de l’amour. Alors l’agence Ivy International est faite pour vous. Et bonne nouvelle : elle débarque à Bruxelles le 21 février prochain !

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El Mundo/Yo Dona March 30th, 2016

50.000 euros por encontrar pareja

Inga Verbeeck es la fundadora y presidenta de Ivy International, una agencia de encuentros para encontrar pareja, y depositaria de un viejo negocio que tiene como finalidad cubrir una de las necesidades más básicas del ser humano: el amor.

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Búho Mag March 14th, 2016

Ivy Internacional, ¡los millonarios buscan novi@!

Tanta fortuna y les falta lo más importante, el amor. Queridos millonarios, “decidnos de qué presumís y os diremos de qué padeceis”. Y es que si hay algo nítido en esta vida, es que el dinero no da la felicidad y a los hechos nos remitimos (aunque ayude, como dice vuestra madre). Podrán tener todo el lujo que quieran, permitirse todo lo que se les antoje pero, ¿para qué todo eso cuando no tienen a nadie con quién compartirlo?

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Südwest Presse March 3rd, 2016

Internationale Dating-Agenturen für Reiche

Millionärin will Millionär. Sie verspricht einsamen VIPs Happy Ends. Inga Verbeeck betreibt eine Partnervermittlung für Reiche und Berühmte. Unter 10 000 Euro im Jahr geht nichts.

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Grazia February 8th, 2016

"Miljonairs kunnen alles kopen, behalve liefde"

Voor een fikse fee biedt Inga Verbeeck (37) miljonairs een compleet pakket om de juiste partner te vinden. Onlangs startte ze haar eigen matchmakerbureau. - Tekst door Lydia Van Der Weide

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24 heures February 14th, 2016

"Aujourd'hui, les gens ne savent plus se faire la cour"

Avec son gros pull mode flanqué d’une étoile et son eye-liner rock qui lui donne des airs de Selah Sue – «vous êtes douée, tout le monde ne perçoit pas cette facette de ma personnalité!» –, Inga Verbeeck, 36 ans, tranche avec le look tailleur strict de la businesswoman qui enchaîne ses rendez-vous d’affaires dans les palaces. Caméléon, elle aime aussi la jouer girlie en robe à fleurs, mais sous ses atours elle ne fait jamais semblant d’être quelqu’un d’autre.

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Conseil-Psy February 2016


C'est un leurre de penser que les personnes les plus fortunées sont dénuées de ce besoin d'amour inhérent à l'être humain. Et la fameuse phrase que chantait Véronique Sanson, « je n'ai besoin de personne » concerne de moins en moins de gens. Pour preuve, le pourcentage de personnes qui se connectent à internet chaque mois (91 millions dans le monde) pour trouver l'âme soeur ou le coup du soir, révèle un grand vide affectif.

Contrairement aux idées reçues, nul n'est épargné. Et les « riches » sont les plus touchés. Bizarre ? Pas tant que ça. Le manque de temps à cause d'un emploi du temps surchargé et les voyages à répétition, ne favorisent pas les rencontres. Comme tout un chacun, ils sont désireux de partager des moments à deux. Car comme le souligne, Inga Verbeeck, CEO de l'agence de matchmaking de luxe, Ivy International, le tango se danse avec un ou une partenaire.

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Die Welt February 9th, 2016

Wenn Millionäre den Jackpot in der Liebe suchen

Sie verspricht einsamen VIPs ein Happy End. Inga Verbeeck betreibt eine Partnervermittlung für Reiche und Berühmte. Sie kennt Tücken und Tipps. Unter 10.000 Euro im Jahr geht allerdings nichts.

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MaryAsexora February 8th, 2016

Matchmaking: “celestinas premium”

Hace unos días me reuní con Inga Verbeeck, fundadora de Ivy International, una agencia de matchmaking para hombres y mujeres distinguidos que quieren encontrar a su verdadera media naranja. Si queréis saber quién es Inga y qué es eso del matchmaking, ya sabéis, no os queda otra que seguir leyendo.

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The Luxonomist February 8th, 2016

“Las celebs pagan hasta 50.000 euros para que les busque pareja”

Podríamos pensar que los multimillonarios, celebrities o los futbolistas lo tienen muy fácil para ligar. Seguramente en muchos casos así sea, pero lo cierto es que estas personas llevan un ritmo de vida tan acelerado que les cuesta (aún más que a cualquier mortal) encontrar una pareja que se adapte a su (lujosa y muchas veces estresante) situación personal. Por eso, Inga Verbeek (con apenas 30 años) decidió fundar Ivy International hace un año, una agencia de match making en la que busca novio/novia a cualquiera con un poder adquisitivo, digamos alto, ya quela cuota de inscripción empieza en los 15.000 y puede llegar a los 50.000 euros. Ahora aterrizan en España y en The Luxonomist la hemos entrevistado.

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10 conseils pour réusir son premier RDV

Vous vous préparez pour un tête-à-tête romantique ? Vous avez peur de commettre une erreur ? Voici donc 10 conseils pour réussir votre premier rendez-vous. Pour que le premier rendez-vous ne soit pas le dernier.

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El Pais January 7th, 2016

Millonario busca amor (agencia especializada se ofrece a buscárselo)

Antes de quedar con Inga Verbeeck, fundadora de Ivy International, un servicio dematchmaking para VIPs, me puse a pensar en todos los métodos que había probado para buscar pareja y sexo. Me he dado de alta en todas las páginas de contactos que me permiten tener un perfil sin foto, para proteger mi intimidad, of course. Para compensarlo, siempre incluyo una descripción muy provocadora e irónica, con la esperanza de que alguien pille mi humor.

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Un'agenzia matrimoniale per manager?

Una volta si definivano agenzie matrimoniali o per cuori solitari, oggi si adotta il termine inglese “match making”. Le nuove realtà in questo ambito per imporsi devono farsi strada tra le innumerevoli applicazioni per smartphone e siti per conoscere potenziali partner, affinando sempre di più i propri servizi e il target di riferimento.

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De Telegraaf November 2nd, 2015

Miljonairs op vrijersvoeten

Voor rijke en machtige vrijgezellen is het zo makkelijk nog niet om een partner te vinden. Om gelijkgestemde zielen te ontmoeten en golddiggers buiten de deur te houden, richtte de Belgische koppelaarster Inga Verbeeck een relatiebemiddelingsbureau op.

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Koppelaarster op hoog niveau September 5th, 2015

Koppelaarster op hoog niveau

Vijf jaar lang heeft Inga Verbeeck (36) in Parijs internationale klanten binnen gehaald voor het bemiddelingsbureau Berkeley International. In die tijd, is de omzet vertwaalfvoudigt, zegt ze. "We draaien rond de 10 miljoen euro." Maar nu is het genoeg geweest, vindt ze. Ze splitst zich af van Berkeley, keert terug naar Vlaanderen en begint voor zichzelf.

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Het Nieuwsblad September 5th, 2015

De Vlaamse die de rijken der aarde koppelt

De Vlaamse die de rijken der aarde koppelt. Inga Verbeeck start na werk bij Berkeley International eigen datingbedrijf.

Ze boekt een miljoenenomzet, maar mag niets vertellen over haar klanten. De Vlaamse Inga Verbeeck bouwde de Europese tak van het datingbedrijf Berkeley International uit, en begint nu voor zichzelf.

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Ivy International ou le miracle de l'amour entrez dans les coulisses d'une agence de rencontres de luxe!

La rédac' de June TV a eu l'honneur d'entrer dans les coulisses de Ivy International, une agence de match making spécialisée dans les rencontres de luxe. Quand le miracle de l'amour existe ... Découvrez ce métier passionnant !

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Flair September 16th, 2015

4 Conseils de pro pour trouver l'Amour

Célibataire, vous rêvez de dénicher la perle rare. Encore faut-il être prête pour LA rencontre. Inga Verbeek, matchmaker d'élites, s'inspire de son expérience pour nous livrer 4 conseils que l'on peut toutes appliquer.

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Paris Select October 7th , 2015

Dating Haute Couture : Inga Verbeeck

Paris is the city of love – that is widely known; however in the big cities, it is sometimes difficult to find one’s alter ego. Connecting with people eager to meet with each other in
earnest norms is the skill of Inga Verbeeck.

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Dukascopy June 4th, 2014

Dukascopy Challenges of Romance

Location can be a huge challenge when it comes to dating. Inga Verbeeck, Berkeley International.

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Dukascopy February 7th, 2014

Dukascopy The Dating Industry

As St. Valentine's Day approaches, the matchmaking industry is growing rapidly. Inga Verbeeck, Berkeley International

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Dukascopy May 29th, 2014

Dukascopy Investment Trends

A look at investment trends. Inga Verbeeck, Berkeley International.

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Viaggiatori blog July 6th, 2014

Vacanze, le mete più romantiche

I viaggi all’avventura sono bellissimi ma tutti prima o poi abbiamo bisogno di una vacanza un po’ più diabetica con la nostra dolce metà.

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women online February 12th, 2014

Date-advies van Matchmaking Professional Berkeley International

Berkeley International is het haute couture merk in de were dwijde matchmaking­ industrie.

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Viva January 1st, 2014

Rijke stinkerds daten ook

Online daten is duidelijk aan verandering onderhevig.

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Enterprise romande March 21th, 2014

Un patron m’a dit... Rencontres exclusives pour clients fortunés

Berkeley International permet aux personnes de haut standing de rechercher l’âme soeur, grâce à un service personnalisé. La société, créée à Londres en 1998, a ouvert un bureau à Genève en 2013.

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Vanity fair February 10th, 2014

Primo appuntamento: stop&go

Questo si fa. Questo non si fa. Berkeley International, agenzia stellata nel matchmaking internazionale, ha stilato una serie di consigli (brevi ma efficaci) per evitare che il primo appuntamento diventi (anche) l’ultimo

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The good life july 27th, 2014

The Love Affair

Ogni estate lo studio legale Fetman&Garland di Chicago tira fuori dal cassetto una campa- gna pubblicitaria che, perché negarlo, fa sor- ridere assai: “Life is short, take a divorce”,

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Focus online July 12th, 2014

Un viaggio romantico attraverso 5 continenti secondo Berkeley International

Berkeley International, agenzia leader nel settore del matchmaking internazionale, propone ai suoi membri un servizio esclusivo nella ricerca del partner ideale e dell'anima gemella.

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Deluxu July 9th, 2014

Viaggi d''amore

Berkeley International, agenzia internazionale attiva nel settore degli incontri dell'anima gemella con uffici a Londra, Antwerp, Parigi, Milano, Ginevra e Amsterdam, propone agli iscritti un servizio esclusivo nella ricerca del partner ideale. Per questo ha redatto la classifica delle mete più romantiche.

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La Discussione July 7th, 2014

Parigi la meta più romantica

Berkeley International, agenzia leader nel settore del matchmaking internazionale, propone ai suoi membri un servizio esclusivo nella ricerca del partner ideale e dell’anima gemella.

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Il viaggiatore July 3th, 2014


Sarebbe come voler definire il luogo più bello, ma sappiamo bene che “non è bello ciò che è bello, è bello ciò che piace”. Lo stesso avviene a voler trovare il posto più romantico. Quali e quanti possono essere i criteri per definire il romanticismo di un posto?

Tutto questo premesso, è vero anche che ci sono dei luoghi nell’immaginario collettivo che sono davvero romantici, o per lo meno mete da sogno che potrebbero mettere d’accordo molte coppie!

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Islands June 30th, 2014

10 posti più romantici secondo Berkeley International

L’AMORE SECONDO BERKELEY INTERNATIONAL, ecco come stupire il proprio partner in un viaggio romantico attraverso continenti.

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Italpress June 28th, 2014


ROMA (ITALPRESS) - Berkeley International, agenzia leader nel settore delmatchmaking internazionale, propone ai suoi membri un servizio esclusivo nella ricerca del partner ideale e dell'anima gemella.

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The good life June 18th, 2014

Aaaaah l’amourrrrr

La sede centrale è sull’Avenue Hoche, a due passi dall’Arco di Trionfo.

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Playboy June 6th, 2014

Prețul corect? Tu cât ai plăti ca să inviti o femeie la cin?

Criză? care criză? Businessul nu cunoaşte obstacole, ba mai mult, înfloreşte pe zi ce trece.

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Bluewin May 14th, 2014

L' enzi di dating per incontrare un milionano

Nell'era deisiti didating, un'agenzia diincontri tradizionaleche nonprevede incontri onlinee neppurelo scambiodifoto,apre sedi intutto iimondo (Svizzera compresa).11 suo segretol 1clienti giusti.

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America 24 February, 2014

San Valentino: ecco come l'amore in Usa è anche una questione di classe

Sulla Madison Avenue menù afrodisiaco da 9 portate per 30.000 dollari. E un sito online punta sull'1% della popolazione: chiede fino a 100.000 dollari l'anno per aiutare a trovare l'anima gemella.

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Elle February, 2014

Il marito ideale e, perché no, anche milionario.

È la frontiera delle nuove agenzie matrimoniali che sfidano il web, nonostante la crisi. Un vero boom.

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The Telegraph April 21th, 2013

Why matchmakers for Paris's rich may desert the city of love

President Francois Hollande's tax plans do not add up when it comes to romance, writes Anne-Elisabeth Moutet

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Private wealth magazine August, 2013

Cupid Concierges

Elite Matchmakers are in high demad by busy jet-setters who are still looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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Financial Times February, 2013

Cupid in the C-suite

Like everyone else, high-flying international business people are looking for love. But it seems their demands, when it comes to dating, can be surprisingly stereotyped.

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Metro Amsterdam December 16th, 2013

Vlaamse matchmaker koppelt de superrijken

Liefde. De Vlaamse Inga Verbeeck leidt de Europese tak van Berkely International, een datingbureau voor mensen met geld in hun portemonnee.

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Relatie blog February 20th, 2013

Hoe de superrijken daten

De Belgische Inga Verbeeck was tot 2 jaar terug CEO van het Antwerpse staalhandelbedrijf Prodac. Nu staat ze aan het hoofd van de Europese afdeling van Berkeley International, een datingagentschap voor superrijken...

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L'agefi April 26th, 2013

Le service ultra-confidentiel en réseau hautement sélectif

Active depuis une vingtaine d’années, la société britannique Berkeley International s’est imposée comme le spécialiste de la rencontre amoureuse pour HNWI.

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Elle October, 2013


Comment devient-on marieuse pour milliardaires? Par hasard!

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Borsen July 11th, 2013

Dating for de eksklusive

Partner-introduktionstjenesten Berkeley International udvider sin tjeneste for skandinaviske kunder med nye kontorer i Danmark og Sverige

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L'espresso July 25th, 2013

Cupido Sposa i Vip

Un’agenzia matrimoniale internazionale. Che ha aperto anche a Milano. Solo per chi ha il portafogli gonfio

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La Repubblica February 2th, 2013

Cuori solitari e in carriera cosiii web accoppia ivip

Sel un uomo o una donna di successo. L’ avori dieci, dodici, anche sedici ore al giorno. Viaggi spesso. Guadagni bene o molto bene.

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Vanity Fair October 2th, 2013

Per 50mila euro ti sposo

Buona famiglia, buone maniere, in carriera. Sono i requisiti per iscriversi negli elenchi della Berkeley, l’agenzia matrimoniale a cinque stelle. Funziona?

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la Libération September 8th, 2013

Inga Verbeeck, marieuse platinée

Portrait. Cette Flamande de 35 ans, qui a fait du patinage artistique et vendu de l’acier, apparie aujourd’hui les coeurs fortunés.

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Le monde Magazine April 6th, 2013

L’âme soeur, un être vraiment cher.

Après avoir fait ses gammes à Londres, l’agence de rencontres ultra-élitiste Berkeley International vient d’ouvrir une antenne en France.

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Le Nouvel Observateur March 21th, 2013

Comment épouser un millionnaire

Plus possible de chercher l’âme soeur sur Meetic. Trop daté !

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Trends Maart, 2013

Gewezen staaltrader Verbeeck stapt in luxedatingbedrijf.

Inga Verbeeck werd benoemd tot hoofd van de Europese operaties van Berkeley International.

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Elle August, 2013

Elle booste le “Meetic” des millionnaires

Depuis qu’elle a vendu le négoce d’acier familial, cette Flamande pilote des agences de rencontre pour riches célibataires. Tarif: 10000 euros par an.

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