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Inga Verbeeck

Inga Verbeeck – Sense and Sensibility

Madame Monaco July 2016

Perhaps it’s her long career in freestyle skating that gave her such discipline and elegance? From ice rinks, Inga became a journalist, married at 21, and then entered the family business of steel and finance. Between times, she gave birth to a baby boy and got divorced. A friend persuaded her to join her dating agency, at which point she made a U-turn. “I was initially intrigued but sceptical. I took my time to test the system as I had not yet met the love of my life, but I loved the business!” Today she runs her own agency – Ivy International – which opened in 2015.
2,000 hearts to conquer…

“I have a lot of responsibility because my clients put their trust in me” says Inga. The €15,000 registration fee guarantees high calibre and discretion from the team of women who work in offices in Anvers, Paris and Geneva, plus satellite locations such as Monaco. In just one year, many memories have accumulated. “The best concerns one of my first clients who became a friend. I persuaded her to meet a man very different to her masculine ideal. He turned out to be the Prince Charming she was waiting for! Another story is about a man with very specific criteria. He wanted a tall, blue-eyed blond. After three fiascos, I introduced him to a petite brunette and they are now living together in Paris. And then there were two very busy businesspeople. She French living in Geneva, he Danish from Copenhagen. Not having time to meet, they telephoned and emailed for several months. Love blossomed during their communication and they finally met at Monaco’s heliport. He arrived with roses and champagne. No need to say that their weekend in the Principality decided their future lives together. So are affairs of the heart just a business like any other? Inga bursts out laughing. “Happily not! The world has become smaller with various communication techniques, but also less social. I have a moral duty to the 2,000 people registered at the agency and I remain resolutely idealist about Men in general. I want to help them find their ideal partner and have boundless happiness.” Between sense and sensibility…

Written By: Cécile Olivéro

Article Featured By: Madame Monaco